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I live in Crawley, West Sussex, UK and am a member of Crabtree Road Baptist Church, Crawley.


I was a Baptist pastor for twenty-five years during which time I began writing many of these songs. I recently took early retirement to care for my wife Helen and have now been able to finish the songs.

The term 'songwriter' is mostly found coupled with 'singer'

well, I'm the exception - I write but (as an act of mercy) I don't sing. The good news is that I have the honour and joy of my songs being sung by some really wonderful singers*.

These songs are born out of scripture coupled with the smiles and tears of life. You will find songs for congregations to sing as well some to just listen to.

The album, individual tracks, lyric and music sheets are all free to download. The songs are registered with CCLI.

God Bless, Chris B Young.

Many thanks to: Paul Field, Mark Greene, Luke Fellingham, Marian and Richard Hayden, everyone at Crawley Baptist Church,, and all the talented vocalists and musicians; also my ever-encouraging parents and patient children David and Emma but most of all my lovely, precious wife Helen - now with the Lord.

* Some singers names have had to be withheld for contractual reasons.


Crabtree Road Baptist Church, Crawley UK

Producer: Glorious Flower; co-producer:We Declare/Nothing Matters More  (Chris J Witherall)

Chris B Young
The Songs of
Chris B Young

Emma Rioseco

" . . . superbly crafted songs                                          with beautiful melodies and lyrics to                                 lift the soul in worship and touch the heart                      with compassion."
There will come a harvest day - Chris B Young
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There Will Come a Harvest Day